Oh I’m so glad you’re here.  We have some work to do together.

My name is Naomi Fox Reina and I am a catalyst. I create irrevocable change just by showing up. So if you're ready for better, you're in the right place.

I’ve been working hard at compiling all of the things that you and others have repeatedly invited me to share. I gladly do, right from my heart to yours.

Please have a look around and I would love to hear what breakthroughs you have from these courses and insights.


Available Programs

Astrology for Real Connection

Astrology can be a powerful tool to facilitate a deeper connection to yourself, your Great and Powerful God and to others that you get to and have to interact with. This course takes you through the 4 basic dimensions of understanding astrology in a simplified way with lots of visuals and details.


Parenting by the Stars: Raising Kings + Queens

Connection with our children seems like it should come naturally and easily but some days it's just clear that it doesn't. We can often feel overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward as these amazing children that have been sent to us go through all their different times and seasons of their own lives. I created Parenting by the Stars so help parents and children connect more easily and with greater depth. Dive in and discover layers of them, and you, that were previously unseen.


Star Chart Session with Naomi Fox Reina

Are you ready to DIVE DEEP into YOU? In this highly powerful experience we will meet at the time that works best for you and go into all the faucets of YOU. This will be a powerful catalyst for you to gain clarity and a deeper appreciation for what makes you YOU. 


Juuva Conversation

Are you READY for BETTER? Looking to learn a bit more about Juuva and these incredible products? Book a quick call with Double Diamond Naomi Fox Reina and we'll see what our next steps are. Really looking forward to connecting.

The Candida Connection

So many of our ailments have one root cause. Candida is a surprising and far-reaching issue that plagues the modern world and most health providers are completely unaware of how many symptoms that it is causing. Rather than playing whack-a-mole with your health, just address this core problem and watch you energy issues, brain fog, fatigue, stubborn weight, digestive distress and more just fade away. This is a revolutionary program that will get you back to being YOU so you can do what you're meant to.

Branding Your Soul-Led Business

Knowing what to call your calling and how to visually translate it do not come naturally to most who set out to share their gifts with the world. This self-led course is meant to illuminate the path to help you accurately and authentically represent yourself to the world so that your light can shine and you can more effectively bless others.

UNSHATTERED: Action Steps to Heal from Domestic Violence {WAIT LIST}

Gelatinous splat. That's what I felt like. Totally and completely broken. Shattered. Domestic Violence is so much more than just dealing with getting hit. And hardly anyone talks about it. I decided it was time to help as many as I could to heal from what could have (or maybe even should have) killed them.

This is a totally FREE program for those who are in crisis now, are trying to get unstuck and move forward and those who love them and want to help.

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