Self Care Treasure Trove

Self Care Treasure Trove

The Self Care Treasure Trove is the ultimate collection of powerful tools for those who are want to add a slew of new resources to taking great CARE of themselves. I am frequently asked "How did you get to where you are at? Please, teach me all you know." Well, here it is.

With over 100 individual tools, methods, systems, etc I have organized them into 8 different categories. Each and every one of these I have ACTUALLY used and they have all had a significant if not life-changing impact on my life. 

This is something of a Magnum Opus for me and I am beyond thrilled for you to be able to check it out! I'm still working on it but you can be party of the PRE-LAUNCH and purchase it now. It will be fully available on July 7th and you can be one of the very first to step in and partake.

9 Modules

Emotional Processing

Let's make friends with and move with your emotions so we can harness the incredible power that they bring rather than being tossed about by them.

Physical Support

In addition to caring for our emotional and energetic let's be sure we didn't miss something obvious on the physical side.

Energetic Essentials

The most most basic level, these are the things that every empath and energetically sensitive person MUST know.

Quick Shift

Need a quick shift? Go here. Pick the one that jumps out to you, do it and be ready for better!

Truth Alignment

When we are in alignment with Truth (with a capital T) we can move ease and speed. Even just a degree or two out of alignment can make EVERYTHING we are doing harder. Dive in here for things to realign your energy.

Daily Maintenance

In addition to food, water and sleep there are things that we need to replenish every single day for us to function at our best. Here's the collection of that good stuff.

Systems + Education

Sometimes we need to tell our head stuff so it can filter through to the rest of us. The power of REAL THOUGHT is magnificent and can pull us out of a rut, can change the entire direction of our course or just simply refine the good we've already got goin' on.

My Personal Favorites

As much as I try not to play favorites, I wanted to give you the condensed list of the things that have packed the most power in my journey. ALL of the things in here have been helpful at one point or another but these are the ones that have TRANSFORMED me.

All the Treasures

Here's all of them in one place for you to find what you need and make sure you don't miss anything. There's lots of benefits to having them in the specific categories that I've assigned them to but I know when looking for a reference or if you're needing a totally intuitive approach, this is where you want to be.

Modules for this program 9

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